1. 1. Installation

  2. 2. Find website to test

    This extension does not work on the Chrome Web Store.
    So, look for a website other than the Chrome web store.
  3. 3. Pin menu to toolbar

    1. 1) Open a list of installed extensions in the Chrome toolbar
    2. 2) Click the pin button to pin it to the toolbar
    3. 3) You can now open the menu by click the pinned icon on the toolbar.
      If your browser window is narrow, the icon may be obscured and cannot be seen. If you don't see the button, try increasing the size of your browser window.
  4. 4. If not working

    1) Make sure you're not testing it on the Chrome Web Store. It does not work on the Chrome Web Store..

    2) Please refresh the page and try again.

    3) If a problem continues to occur, please send a report of the problem to drrobot409@gmail.com.
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