1.12 ~ 1.12.1 changes: Movement mechanism

2024 / 03 / 27

1.12 changes

By changing the mechanism by which the astronaut moves, we implemented much more natural movement.

The existing method was to distribute fixation points across the screen and move each limb to the corresponding fixation point, but these fixation points were deleted and each limb was moved to the corresponding fixation point. The limbs have been changed to move by setting a target to a random position within the range on their own.

This change slows down the astronaut's movement speed significantly, but improves performance by eliminating the need to align the distance of the fixation point every frame. There have been many improvements.

Also, customization options that were no longer needed were removed after the anchor points were removed, and a function to adjust movement speed was added.

1.12.1 changes

Fixed an issue where an astronaut would pop out from the top left corner when loading the page.

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